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Emergency Shower and Eyewash Station Application in Petrochemical Industry


There are various hazards in petrochemical production, such as toxic chemicals, productive dust, corrosive chemicals, physical factors of harmful substances, high and low temperatures, or biological factors. Under uncertain conditions, harmful factors directly affect the human body and harm health. Safe work requires toxic and hazardous workplaces to be equipped with emergency eye wash and shower equipment.


In the event of an accident, emergency eye washers and showers are designed to provide water to flush eyes, face or body that have been splashed with chemical substances in the first time, reducing the harm caused by chemical substances. Whether the flushing is timely and thorough directly affects the severity of the injury suffered


Stainless steel 304 material is commonly used. For highly corrosive environments such as strong acids and bases, it is generally necessary to use high-performance and corrosion-resistant stainless steel 316L or plastic shells ABS. For severely cold areas, auto emptying or electric heat tracing eye wash can be used. At present, we provide more electric heat tracing eye washers to petrochemical enterprises.





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