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Eye washers are emergency rescue facilities used in toxic and hazardous working environments. When the eyes of on-site operators come into contact with toxic, harmful, and other corrosive chemicals, they can use an eye wash to perform initial emergency flushing on the eyes to avoid further harm to the human body caused by chemicals. There are many types of eye washers, and according to their functional structure, they can be divided into eye washers, combination shower and eye washers. According to product appearance, eye washers can be divided into vertical eye washers, wall mounted eye washers, desktop eye washers, portable eye washers, self-standing etc. According to product characteristics, eye washers can be divided into anti-freeze eye washers, electric heating eye washers, cable heating eye washers, temperature controlled etc.


According to the requirements, emergency eye wash stations should be installed on offshore platforms, and fresh water should be used. For places that can provide water, we generally choose shower rooms without water tanks. In areas without water sources, we choose emergency shower and eyewash rooms with water tanks. For temperatures that are relatively hot or cold, we can set chiller and heater to ensure that the water temperature is between 16-38 degrees. In addition, offshore platforms generally have high requirements for materials and explosion-proof. The quantity is Several dozen units with a relatively high contract amount. Please feel free to contact us if any inquiry.


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