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Emergency Safety Shower and Eye Wash Factories in China

Emergency safety eye wash stations have been widely used in most areas such as factories, laboratories and hospitals in developed industrial countries abroad (USA, UK, etc.) as early as the 1980s. But China's national standards were drafted in 2019 and implemented in 2020. There are only a few years left until today. Many companies have never actually heard of the name eye wash before. Till this day, many people still have not seen the eye wash product. Of course, Chinese enterprises are becoming more and more standardized. At the beginning of their establishment, emergency eye washers are equipped according to actual needs, otherwise production cannot be allowed.


If there is market demand, there will be products and sales. As a major manufacturing country today, it is still easy for China to produce an eye wash. At present, the types of eye washers in the Chinese market mainly include combination eye washers, vertical eye washers, auto-drain type eye washers, electric heat tracing eye washers, and cubicle shower rooms. Combination and vertical types are mainly used in general enterprises, mostly for factory inspection purposes. Auto-drain type is mainly used in areas with relatively cold weather. Electric heat tracing type is mainly used by petrochemical enterprises. Cubicle shower rooms are mostly used in electronic enterprises, which have higher and stricter requirements for wastewater collection. The compound model has the highest sales and market share. The main materials are plastic and stainless steel 304.

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From 2020 to present, the time is short. Most of the manufacturers in the Chinese market are still small, few professional manufacturers. There is not much technological research and development either. Mainly learn from and follow foreign manufacturers. For relatively complicated emergency safety shower and eyewash stations, such as those equipped with electric heating, sound and light alarms, remote signal transmission and cooling functions, there are still few manufacturers. One reason is that there is a little demand in the domestic market, and the other reason that it is difficult to develop foreign markets. Compared with most of them, we are a professional and specialized factory in China with extensive experience in producing multifunctional safety shower eye wash stations for indoor and outdoor use. For zero energy shower rooms, currently only our factory has conducted research and development, but we have not actually shipped them yet.





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