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An eye wash station is a device used to clean the eyes in emergency situations. When the operator's eyes, arms, or other parts of the body are damaged by chemicals or toxic and harmful substances, the eye wash can be used to timely clean and reduce damage. In workplaces with chemical burn hazards, safety eye washers should be designed. The service radius of the eye washers and eye washers should not exceed 15m. The water quality should comply with the hygiene standards for drinking water and should be uninterrupted; The drainage of the shower and eye washers should be incorporated into the factory sewage pipeline network, and rescue boxes should be set up in safe locations in the device area. Staff should be equipped with necessary personal protective equipment.


General principles for setting up eye washers:

The eye wash is installed in hazardous chemical areas, and the user should reach the eye wash in a straight line for no more than 10 seconds. The rescue range of the eye washer is within 15 meters. Eye washers should not be installed over the top layer. There are no electrical switches around the eye washer to prevent accidents. The outlet of the eye washer must be connected to a sewer or wastewater treatment tank.


For electronic factories, battery factories, and chip factories, we currently select emergency shower and eyewash station. This type of shower room has a wastewater collection tank which will not cause secondary pollution to the environment.





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