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Emergency Shower and Eyewash Station Application in Marine Industry

At present, some ordinary commercial ships, such as container ships, bulk carriers, etc., require emergency eye wash and shower systems to be installed on ships for safety and labor protection reasons, in order to ensure that when the eyes or bodies of on-site operators come into contact with toxic, harmful, and other corrosive chemicals, the eye wash can be used for emergency flushing or showering of the eyes and body, To avoid further harm to personnel caused by chemical substances and protect their physical safety


We currently mainly provide composite eye washers, such as WDJ8810, WDJ8810Z, and WDJ8810S, with the main materials being SS304 and SS316



For chemical ships, emergency eye wash and shower systems are generally used. The eye wash and shower devices are generally arranged at the front end of the cargo collection area and residential area as required. The fresh water supplied by the system needs to be connected from the engine room or other safe areas to the cargo collection area, with a long distance and long pipelines. To ensure normal use at any time, a heating circulation system or pipeline insulation wrapping are also required. The system is complex and has high construction costs.


These can be combined with our shower room, such as WDJ880-8HC.


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