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ATEX Certificate Stainless Steel 316 Tank 1500L Safety Shower & Eyewash with Chiller Explosion proof Type

WDJ8804-8C, for outdoor hot climate Explosion proof Type


ATEX Certificate Stainless Steel 316 Tank 1500L Safety Shower & Eyewash with Chiller Explosion proof Type

It is a good choice when there is no constant supply of water being guaranteed. Equally, if there is insufficient water pressure or inadequate flow rates a tank fed safety shower & eyewash is essential. This 1500 litre capacity model meets EN15154 and ANSI Z358.1-2014 requirements, providing 76 litres of potable water per minute for the recommended 15 minutes. 

For outdoor use in hot climates,  chiller unit is required to prevent water within the tank reaching dangerous levels and potentially scalding a casualty upon activation. Choose from a selection of chiller options to guarantee the provision of tepid water. The range includes units suited to both hazardous and non-hazardous environments.

For indoor use, this model assists in maintaining a steady water temperature within the tank.


Model WDJ8804-8C
Material Stainless steel  316L 
Certificate & Standard  ANSI Z 358.1-2014,   EN15154.1/2:2006
Wall Thickness  1.2mm 
Pipe thickness  2.5-3mm
Function  eye washing, body   showering
Working pressure  0.2MPa-0.6MPa
Test pressure  1.0MPa
Working environment   temperature  5 ° C -45 ° C
Inlet size  NPT 1 1/4″
Drain size  NPT 2″
Eyewash flow rate  ≥11.4L/min
Shower flow rate  ≥75.7L/min
Chiller 5kw
Water   tank 1500L
FlowGravity feed
MountingSelf standing 
CustomizableColor,   external dimensions, shower basin, wash basin, ABS material, Pipe size, sound   and light alarm, remote wireless alarm system