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Jacketed Insulated Emergency Shower Eye wash with Sunshade

WDJ8810HS, for outdoor hot climate


Jacketed and Insulated Emergency Safety Shower and Eye wash with ABS Shell


Model: WDJ8810HS

Eyewash flow rate ≥11.4L/min

Shower flow rate ≥75.7L/min

Standard ANSI Z358.1:2014

Inlet water: Clean potable water

Inlet water temperature 15℃ to 38℃

Using ambient temperature -2℃ to 55℃

Design temperature 80℃

Water inlet pressure 0.3 Mpa to 0.6Mpa

Water inlet design pressure 1Mpa

Gross empty weight 30kgs

ABS Shell:Green

Sunshade plate: plastic (PE/PP)