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Cable Heated Freeze Protected Emergency Shower and Eye Wash Station

WDJ8810EH, for outdoor cold climate


ANSI Trace Tape Heated and Insulated Emergency Shower and Eyewash


The electric heating trace cable eyewash unit is equipped with a temperature control switch or a fully automatic system to control the heating temperature. Constant temperature heater power (antifreeze): 150W.Yellow PP material can resist the corrosion of various chemicals.

Model No.: WDJ8815EH
Function: eye wash + shower
Working pressure: 0.2 - 0.4Mpa
Eyewash flow: > 11.4L/min
Shower flow: > 75.7L/min
Explosion-proof grade: Exd IICT6 IP65
Product weight: 35kgs
Product size:  500*900*2450mm

Optional configuration:
flange connection; reducing joint; water source filter;  ABS coating;
signal uploaded to the DCS device in the main control room;
explosion-proof sound and light alarms; explosion-proof lighting, etc.