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Unheated Emergency Safety Shower and Eyewash with Foot Pedal

Unheated Emergency Safety Shower and Eyewash with Foot Pedal


This combination emergency shower and eyewash station is floor mounted type by screws. It is used for the workshop where the workers who are possible at the risk of chemical and other dangerous material during working time. It is mainly for indoor use. The flow rate for shower is over 75L/min, and the flow rate for eyewash is over 12L/min. It could be activated within one second when using it, shower by pull rod and eyewash by push plate. Also, foot pedal is added for eyewash use.


Model: WDJ8810-J
Height: 2340mm
Material:   stainless Stainless steel   304 
Pipe Wall   Thickness2.5-3mm
Working   pressure: 0.2MPa-0.6MPa
Working   environment temperature:  10 ° C -35° C
Inlet   size: NPT 1 1/4″
Drain   size: NPT 1 1/4″
Shower Head   diameter: 10”/ 26cm
Eyewash bowl   diameter: 10”/ 26cm
Eyewash flow   rate≥11.4L/min
Shower flow   rate≥75.7L/min
Foot pedalIncluded
Function: eye washing, body   showering, 
Certificate   & Standard: ANSI Z 358.1-2014,   EN15154.1/2:2006

Optional: Alarm, height, material, pipe thickness, output signal, ABS coating,,,,,