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ANSI EAC Polar Emergency Safety Shower Eyewash Station with Heater for Russia Market

It is the first time for us to get the order from Russia market. We made it according to the drawing from customer.

Normally our water tank is on topside, but this one is inside. It is double skinned, about 1000kgs per set.

This eyewash station is really more beautiful than what the picture looks.

R 2.jpg

For outdoor use, this insulated safety shower cubicle will protect workers in the event of an emergency. It consists eye/face wash, drain sump and push open insulated doors. The doors automatically close after entry and there is also glass windows in case assistance is required. 1000L water tank with 3kw electrical heater can be connected to ensure a constant supply of tepid water. Meets EN and ANSI standards.


Trace tape heated and pre-insulated pipework for maximum frost protection.Quick safety shower activation via pull rod.

Suitable for hazardous and non-hazardous areas.

Also recently we got inquiry from Chile market for this model.




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